The largest indoor karting track in Croatia, karting school and karting team, and the best entertainment in one place. Go karting at the GoKart Center in Westgate.

The new GoKart Center, where excitement and dynamics meet on the track! Here, dynamics and fun are combined, creating an unforgettable driving experience. Experience speed with our expert guidance on top tracks, while completely relaxing in a safe environment.

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Rules of conduct on the go-kart track are essential to ensure the safety of all drivers and ensure fair competition. Every driver must know the rules of behavior on the track. From the beginner to the seasoned Formula 1 driver, the rules are there for a reason. It goes without saying that safety comes first. Be sure to follow these rules as well as the instructions on the track and the employees of the GoKart Center.

 Follow these rules and you're guaranteed fun.

 Mandatory protective equipment

Before entering the trail, you must put on the appropriate protective equipment. This includes a helmet, karting suit, gloves, socks, and shoes. You should never drive without a helmet.

Safety instructions

Before the ride, the course manager will give you safety instructions and rules to follow, and you have a video explaining all the details of how to behave on the course. Pay attention to these instructions and be sure to ask if something is not clear to you.

Observance of speed limits

The karting track has its own speed limits that must be respected. Excessive speed can cause accidents and injuries. Follow the markings and flags on the track and the instructions of the GoKart Center employees.

Staying on track

Driving outside the marked boundaries of the track is not allowed. Stay within the track and watch the edges to avoid collisions.

Avoiding contact

Avoid intentionally crashing into other drivers. Contacts are often the cause of accidents and injuries. Try to be fair and honest in the races.

Priority rule

In most cases, the driver competing with others on the track has the advantage. If there is a faster driver behind you, let him pass without getting in the way.

Driving in the same direction

Follow the direction of the track and do not move against the other drivers. This reduces the risk of collision. If you turn around, check the situation around you and try to correct yourself without endangering the traffic around you, and if you are unable to do so, wait for the employees of the GoKart Center to help you.

Warnings and flags

Follow the warnings and flags on the course. A red flag indicates danger and stop, a yellow flag indicates danger on the track ahead, and a blue flag to let faster drivers pass.


In the event of a problem on the track, use your hands or signs to notify drivers behind you. This is especially important in case of a crash or karting problem.

Knowledge of the rules of the track

Learn the rules of the course before you compete. Understanding how the course works and where the safety zones are can help you make better decisions while riding.

Respect for other drivers

Keep in mind that on the track you are driving with other people who also want to enjoy karting. Respect them, and be fair and impartial in the races.

The rules of behavior on the karting track are not only for your safety, but also for the safety of other drivers. Following these rules helps keep karting a fun and safe sport for everyone. If you are not satisfied with the time and the ride, there is always another ride.


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